In the Midst of Silence

“He who goes about to reform the world must begin with himself.” -Saint Ignatius of Loyola
It is a privilege for us missionaries to experience God and to know Him better in silence during the three-day Exercises–as it is in silence that God speaks. It is in these Exercises we contemplate the life of our Lord and ask for the grace to come to know of His infinite love and mercy, and in turn express and share that same love and mercy to people we encounter as missionaries.
With the guidance of the consecrated and the Legionaries, through a series of meditation on his birth, passion, and resurrection, adoration, and the Sacrament of Reconciliation, we begin to open ourselves up to our Lord so we can be unafraid to answer His call, to pick up our cross, and follow Him.
“I felt really close to Jesus,” one of the missionaries shared after the Exercises. 
“I recommend doing the Exercises every year because it is in this time, in this special silence, that I can come before the Lord and place my joys and my struggles at the foot of His cross. It is also this time that I am reminded of His enduring mercy for me.” another missionary said. 
This solemn experience during the Regnum Christi Mission Corps Summer Program, as Saint Ignatius of Loyola said, “draws down upon us all the graces of God in their greatest plentitude” as we prepare the Way of the Lord, which He already has set before us.
After the Exercises, Regnum Christi welcomed the newly incorporated missionaries to the movement and celebrated with a merienda cena together with the rest of the community — a beautiful way to break the silence!

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