Conquering the Big Apple with the Joy of Christ


Excuse our absence for the past four days but we have been away conquering the city that never sleeps — NEW YORK!!!


Our biggest mission trip by far in the summer program, we planned a field trip with the children from St. Peter’s – St. Denis parish with Father Eric Nielsen, LC, visited the Yonkers Public Library to help kids from advance in their reading skills, and walked around Manhattan to share Jesus with New Yorkers.



We brought the kids from St. Peter’s – St. Denis parish to Franklin Roosevelt Park and gave them a little taste of our community life with games and sports. Through participating in various athletic activities, it was also an opportunity to share Christ in a fun and joyful environment.

“Whatever we do, even in the ordinary things like playing sports and having fun, we do it for the glory of God,” shares one missionary.



We also grew in the virtue of patience while helping children with their reading skills when we volunteered as reading buddies for kids at the Yonkers Public Library. “As volunteers,  we are not only helping the children read and comprehend better but we ourselves are enriched by their innocence and excitement to learn. Their childlike wonder is a gift to us,” another missionary shares.


In Manhattan, we were again joined by Father Eric Nielsen as well as Father Jason Smith to evangelize New Yorkers that come our way. We sang in the middle of Times Square, we handed out rosaries, asked for prayer intentions around Grand Central Station, and gave flowers and bible scriptures in Bryant Park.

“It does not matter if I am not able to reach as many people as I would have wanted to but knowing that I am able to just touch one person, and to be able to share Christ’s love to that person is already enough. One of the people I encountered at the Park told me that she needed to read the bible verse I handed to her that day, and to see that smile on her face, to recognize that Jesus loves her was already enough for me,” shares one of the missionaries.


Father Jason Smith, LC also gave a few inspirational tips for us at the steps of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral — a very New York moment for us! One thing that struck out in his talk was that as missionaries, there is no such thing as failure–that we can trust that God is always working in every situation, in every encounter, and in each of our hearts.

New York, thank you! You taught us how to open our hearts more–a lesson we’ll never forget as we go to our assigned cities in the coming week!

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