A Reflection on Womanhood


Anna Stevenson from Dallas, Texas shares another reflection on femininity and being a true woman of God.


These past few weeks have taught me so much about how to be a true woman of God. Living with 13 other women during the summer program, I quickly realized beauty has no mold. God’s beauty is apparent in unique ways in everyone and for women, some universal core qualities stand out: tender receptivity and bold, passionate acts of love.

As a tall Texan raised in a primarily male household, tender receptivity was not exactly in my range of expertise. I had to learn from Mary and her fiat to see that strength isn’t always in the “doing” but in the “not doing.” Mary is famous for her reflections, but what does that mean? She invites God into her outside circumstances and lets Him guide her — that is the heart of receptivity… to let Him in.

A powerful example of bold, passionate acts of love is when the weeping woman washes Jesus’ feet with her tears and wipes them with her hair. You may be thinking ‘bold’? But I see it as a sign of total vulnerability and dependence which is a bold move in my book. It is east to be numb and let God’s love pass us by, but this woman took charge and acted on God’s love + mercy by giving herself back to Him.

Overall, these women have shown me that beauty, love, and gratitude flow from deep encounters we have with Jesus’ own beautiful, loving, and gracious heart. Through knowledge of God, we can come to know ourselves worthy of love and to be missionaries of love.

We are RCMC Women ’17-18!



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