A Class Act

Theresa Perenich from Florida shares her thoughts on the summer program’s classes and formation talks. 

A large part of our schedule and formation in general here at the summer training program is the classes. We have had various people come in and teach about topics that are relevant and necessary for our training so we can make the best of our mission year. 

Our first class was taught by the amazing Lucy Honner, a consecrated based in D.C. who is in charge of the website RC Spirituality. Lucy dived into everything Regnum Christi related. She deepened our knowledge about the inner workings of the movement and focused specifically on what the charism of RC is and how we can explain it better to people.

Father Edward McIlmail, the chaplain at Overbrook Academy gave us an overview of the Catholic Catechism and how to teach it to people we will be working with. 

Joan Kingsland, a consecrated from Canada, gave a wonderful course about Christian Anthropology, which will be very useful in our own formation, and helping in the formation of others. 

Our summer program administrator, an amazing consecrated from D.C. named Helen Yalbir, delved into ECyD with us. ECyD is the youth program for Regnum Christi. Angie Hilbun, our awesome summer program director, and a consecrated from Houston, Texas, informed us with her Human Persons Class. We took the Myers-Briggs and StrengthsQuest personality tests, and learned more about our strengths and how to use them correctly. Angie also brought in special guest LaVeta Faber, a certified Gallup personality coach, to teach us more about the topic.

I enjoyed all these classes so much, especially since they are preparing me not only for my mission year, but how to live as a good Catholic for the rest of my life. My personal favorite was the Human Persons class. I loved learning about my strengths and the strengths of my teammates. All the classes so far have been so enlightening, engaging, and entertaining. I can speak for all of my fellow missionaries when I say we truly do look forward to the future classes. 

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