Hello, Manila!

Missionary Anna Stevenson reflects on her first week in Manila, Philippines–her assigned country for the year.


Anna Stevenson (middle) at the Cultural Center of the Philippines with her missionary sisters Christina Brinson (left) and Beverly Dalton (right).

As I sit in a shroud of humidity waiting to wash away the impurities of the day, I am blown away by the movement of the Holy Spirit in my life this past week. I realize, with the help of Augustine’s “Confessions”, that amidst my mistakes, the Holy Spirit was moving me to see God’s hand reaching out saying “I AM enough, come follow me.”

image1 (2)

Getting to know the community with some fun at an interactive art museum with the consecrated.

The realities of this week were eye opening and most of them took a lot of patience both from myself and others. We live in Metro Manila which, contrary to my beliefs is not similar to New York. It is busy yet the people here are lovers of life and take time to enjoy things. I remember walking and seeing many young children playing ball in the park and thinking how simple and leisurely the life is here. Along with a change in pace, I noticed the importance that Catholic faith holds here. It is literally written on billboards and buses; there are so many Churches with Mass.

Within the school,  I attended meeting after meeting and met person after person gaining only slightly more insight as I progressed. However, I am now fully aware of my mission here at Everest Academy. I will be a formation instructor of the middle school girls ages 8-13 and a Pure Fashion team leader. The mission is in full swing and I ask for your prayers as God and I embark on this year of walking on water. Know that you all are in my prayers and may God bless you and keep you steady in His arms.


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