A Mother’s Heart

Missionary Beverly Dalton talks about looking into Mary as an example of how a mother should be.


As the eldest (I’m 33) in our Missionary Home in Manila, I feel like I have been assigned the role of a mother in my year. No one told me to take on this role but living with teenagers (I’m living with three other missionaries who are 18 and 19 years old) does make me feel like a mom to them.

The generation gap among my missionary sisters is a challenge but through them I recall my youth, my days in college, and how I felt so free of responsibilities other than my studies. This year, a new challenge comes my way and together with my sisters, I am learning to build a home where our little family of four can bond and rest together from our apostolic work.

The Gospels may not have mentioned how our dear Mother was at home but being the holy woman that she is, I can only imagine how loving and patient she must have been running a household.

What if little Jesus made a mess while eating? What if her husband Joseph, out of his tiredness, fell asleep and forgot to put away all his carpentry tools from his workshop? I can picture how Mary would have persevered gently and quietly, cleaning the mess that little Jesus made and keeping Joseph’s workshop spic and span, and then pondering all these things in her heart.

Being with Jesus and her family all the days of her life, Mary showed love for her vocation and trusted in God for His providence.

As we do the ordinary housework and as we try to create a home environment at this new place my missionary sisters and I are staying at, I hold my Mother’s hand and ask her for the grace to persevere in gentleness and in the quiet as I wait on God to form a mother’s heart in me.


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