This is D.C. 

Missionary Danica Porter reflects on her assigned destination and why, so far, it has been the greatest days of her life. 

“Washington D.C.” That’s what I read on the slip of paper inside a matchbox—this was how my destination was revealed to me. A destination inside a matchbox and I would be the match, Christ’s firelight. D.C. was where I would be spending my mission year—my nation’s Capitol. 

After a month of training and team building, I couldn’t wait to start what I know will be a year full of fun, great people, amazing encounters with Christ, and a lot of hard work as I gather souls for His Kingdom.

D.C. is an amazing and unique place: a perfect balance between intense car chases and beautiful outdoor symphonies, miles of traffic, and peaceful hikes. God has placed me in a community I know I will thrive in!

This side of town also has a lot going on, but the people here inspire me everyday with their great thirst for Christ. Our apostolates are in Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, and North Carolina. We run Leadership training programs, Challenge clubs, High School youth groups, CCD, Faith and Light for the disabled, Bible studies, and numerous other activities and retreats. What I most look forward to is working with the youngest girls. I see Jesus in every one of their small, bright smiles. I have only been here two weeks but I’ve already experienced beautiful friendships and special moments with people—some of them are only a year old and the others were 75 years old and up. 

I don’t really know how to describe the weeks that have gone by but honestly, these have been some of the greatest moments of my life. The Lord continues to surprise me wth each person I encounter and He fills my heart with so much joy in every moment. 

It is already starting to feel like my own District for Christ. My own little D.C. in my heart.