A Reflection of God’s Love in Adoration

One of our Regnum Christi missionaries Anna Stevenson from Dallas, Texas shares her love for the Eucharist and how adoration has helped her to completely surrender to the call and love of Christ.


“Adoration is the space where I can engage in personal, intimate conversation with God — the Creator, the Redeemer, the Savior, the Friend, and the Desire of our hearts. As a missionary here in Rhode Island, [the summer program’s] primary goal is to be close to God and, in a sense, let God mission to us before we mission to others. He is the sole desire in all human hearts and without letting Him fill this desire [of love] within us, we cannot give love for we cannot give what we haven’t received.”


“Adoration is the way in which we know ourselves through God and how, through knowing ourselves, we can recognize our need for God. It is His call we follow so we allow ourselves to be guided by Him.”


“The time I spend with God talking, listening, singing, crying, and smiling is never wasted. He knows my moods and my desires, and He says to us ‘Your heavenly Father knows that you need them all. But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things shall be yours as well.’ (Mt 6:32-33) We are Regnum Christi Mission Corps, and we are here to follow Him. He says to us, ‘I am leading you this day, come and follow Me.'”


A Day at the Beach

Missionaries know how to have fun, especially at the beach!


The girls spent a day at Scarborough State Beach, enjoying a picnic lunch by the shore, exploring the boardwalk with ice cream on hand, playing volleyball with the locals, too.


The best bonds are formed through the same love for Christ as well as with a little bit of fun.



Welcome, RCMC Summer Program Batch 2017!

“Stir into flame the gift of God in you.”

RCMC welcomes young women from Texas, Georgia, Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Mexico, and even the Philippines for the summer program at Overbrook Academy, at Greenville, Rhode Island.


With so much to look forward to like classes and workshops on Catechesis and apologetics, faith formation, retreats, and mission trips in nearby cities like New York,  these young women are ready to set their hearts on the fire with the love of Christ.